Favorite Drugstore Skincare Products

I love drugstore products, it has a suitable price with great quality. So, I thought I’ll just share with you some of my favorite drugstore skincare products. 
Cleansing your face is a VERY important step in your skin care routine. And currently, I’m using this facial cleanser by Welcos. It’s a Korean brand. I’m not familiar with this brand, I just pick this off from the shelf at a local Korean drugstore but I love it. The green tea extract that it has, really gives my skin a gentle wash yet, my skin feels very refreshing and clean. I’ve tried green tea extract facial mask, green tea facial scrub, I love them just as much. Anything with green tea extract has feels really gentle and nourishing. I just wash my face with this little plastic rub thing. It’s kind of like a quick facial massage for me every time I wash my face.

Toner helps remove any excess dirt and oil that is left on your face. I don’t use a toner daily, I only use this once or twice a week because I’m just too lazy (I know) and I also don’t feel like my skin needs toning everyday. If I do use a toner, I’ll always reach for Simple Facial Toner. It doesn’t gives me irritation and is very gentle on my skin as it cleanses away all this excess dirt.

Next is obviously to hydrate your skin. My daily moisturizer is Simple Rich Moisturizer. It gives my skin a very soft touch and makes my skin feels really smooth. I would definitely recommend Simple if you have sensitive skin (because I think that’s their specialty) or you like to use products that is very natural like I do, definitely give it ago. I’m not sure if you’ll find this in your local drugstore unless you live in the U.K of course (since it’s a U.K brand) but if you’re like me who lives outside from the U.K you can check out their website here.

Once a week or once in two weeks, I’ll use a mud mask or a sheet mask. This is one of favorite mud mask, it’s by Hydra Mar Mineral Mud Masque Paraben- Free. It feels a little tingly on my skin when I first apply it for the first few minutes, which I thought it was a bit odd but after I rinse it off, my skin feels very clean. Mud mask is great because it helps brings out the dirt and oil from your pore to the surface which you can easily rinse it off.

And recently, I’ve used this Honey Cleansing And Moisturizing Facial Mask by Celavi . I need to re-purchase this because I absolutely love it! My skin is super smooth and super soft after I used it. Like I said, I love any products that keep it close to the nature, so a honey mask is definitely a yes for me. Honey is a natural healer, not only that it could help you heal your sore throats but it also helps with your skin. I’ve seen a couple more different options such as Aloe Vera, Green tea, Grapefruit, etc, and I would love too try out some more.

To top everything off, is obviously applying sunscreen. It is very important to protect your skin from the sun damages. I’ve been using this SunPlay sunscreen during the summer because of the cooling formula it has. They also have it in a normal formula without the cooling sensation, but I just love the refreshing minty burst that you get when you first apply it.
That concludes my favorite drugstore skincare products, I personally use and love them. Drugstore products are always my favorite to try.
What are your favorite drugstore skincare products? Would you like me to do a favorite drugstore makeup products? Leave them in the comment down below.
Lots of Love,

Kim Stacey


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