Things I’ve learned In High School 

In the honor of FINALLY done with high school (even though the dread of college is right ahead) I still thought that I’ll just celebrate and give it a closure by sharing my high school experience, for those of you who is going to be a freshmen in high school, or you might already be in high school and you’re struggling (I’ve been there). Just thought it will be fun to share the three crazy year of life as a growing teenager. 

1- Your grades will matter 

Just thought I’d remind you that your performance and your grades are going to matter later on when you’re applying to colleges. Make good connections with your teachers because they might be the ones that write your recommendation letters to your college (depending on the colleges you’ll attend) and of course, keep your studies on (try to do your best in your projects, homework, etc). 

2- Join school events / clubs

Not only that will boost your college applications, it will obviously make you more involve in the school activities that could also help you make new friends. I personally wish I did this when I was in high school, but I was more of an introvert and I just like to spend time with my close friends. Nevertheless, it is great if you can join all those activities or club. It could be a sports clubs (basketball, football, soccer, volleyballs, etc), music clubs ( piano, violin, guitar) or the writing clubs, anything that your school offer and floats your boat. Go ahead and give it a shot! 

3- Stay true to yourself 

I know high school is a pretty tough year, you’re all transitioning and all that. So, it might be hard sometimes to know what you really want and who you really are. And it’s normal, I’ve experienced that phase as well and I’m sure everyone has experienced this. But, just remember to stay true to yourself. Don’t change yourself because you think you’re not good enough or because someone makes you think you’re not valuable enough. You’re allowed to be different, you’re allowed to be yourself. So don’t change just because someone makes you feel like you should. I know it’s hard sometimes, you might feel like you don’t belong but, believe me someone is going to see your value and that’s why those people are important and worthy. 

4- Hangout with the right people 

This kind of ties with the previous one, surround yourself with great people. Beware of those toxic friends and those crazy dramas, because it’s just not worth it. Don’t be with people that will drag you down and make you feel like you’re not enough. Be with who that sees your worth and who’ll brings out the best in you. Because at the end of the days those crazy things are just not worth your energy. Rather use your mind and attention on the things that is going to matter later on in life, such as your friendships, family, school, etc. 

5- Make the most out of everything 

Like I said, high school can be a tough phase, nevertheless, it will gives you the best life advices, makes you find who you are and let you have an experience of school. There are gonna good and bad times, no matter what is it, try to make the most out of everything. 

Is there anything else that I miss? Let me know in the comments, also be sure to let me know if you’d like me to do more advices kind of post (maybe boys talk, worst high school experienced….) feel free to leave them in the comments. 

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey 


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