Healthy Hair Care Routine 

I’m very happy with how healthy my hair is right now. It used to be dry and frizzy, but after I got a fresh new cut for the summer just made it feels much more healthier and I try to keep it that way as I grow back my hair. So, I thought I will share with you some of the products that I like to use to keep my hair look fresh and healthy.
Before we start off, I just like to point out that keeping your hair from heating tools will give you a tremendous result into maintaining your healthy and if you must use a heating tools try to apply heat protectant spray beforehand. So, try your best to stay away from those heats, air dry your hair if you can or if you have to, use a cooling mode in your hair dryer. Next thing that is also very important to keep a healthy looking hair is to beware of those chemicals. By that I mean bleaching your hair, dying your hair and all that good stuff. I’m sure there might be some natural brands out there that does hair dye, so keep a look out for those. I would love to explore more varieties of color and dyes for my hair but just for the sake of healthy hair I just keep my hair dark as it is.

To begin with, obviously is to wash your hair. I like to wash it 2-3 days or even 5 days if I can. I just like to space out the wash because washing your hair too frequently could strip off the natural oil from your hair that could leads to breakage and drying. I normally use the Toni&Guy shampoo, it smells really nice. I can’t even describe how obsessed I am with the scent and it does a great job in cleaning your hair.

Sometimes I’d switch with the Pantene Silicon Free shampoo, I love it as well. The scent isn’t as good as the Toni&Guy’s one however, it does the job of washing away the dirt pretty well.

For conditioner I use this Suave Aloe&Waterlily Soften conditioner, I just recently start using this but I love it. It’s not as smooth and rich as the coconut conditioner that I used previously but I think it does condition my hair pretty well , plus it has a really great smell.

Once or twice a week I’d like to deep condition my hair with a hair mask, the ones I’m currently using is by Daily Defense 3 Minutes leave in treatment. It’s very rich and it does deep condition my hair with the Macadamia oil, the product itself is pretty thick that gives your hair a nice coat of conditioner.

To top of the conditioner and restore-moisture-to-your-hair process, I also like to use organic coconut oil to apply to the ends of my hair once they are 80% dry, it keeps my hair soft and smooth once it’s completely dry.

If you’re looking for a fresh dry shampoo, I’d recommend the Toni&Guy Cleanse dry shampoo, the scent is just amazing! It smells very fresh and summer-y, I’m obsessed!

Let me know what are your favorite hair products?
Lots of Love, Kim Stacey


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