Alien SpaceBuns 

For whatever reason (probably blame it on Tumblr), but I was so inspired to be a little bit more artsy and crazier than usual. I know the festival season is over, however summer is here so it’s the perfect excuse for me to rock this crazy extravagant look. 

Spacebuns is never a no when it comes to being a little bit- out there. This is my first time rocking them and I love it! I think it’s adorable, definitely going to wear this all summer (it’s really great for two-days hair as well).

As for my makeup, I might have went a little teeny tiny bit over board, with those gems and dark freckles that I added. Those colorful gems really ties the whole look together by giving it like a more (alienated) feel to it. As for the freckles, I just dot them with my liquid eyeliner instead of the dark brown pencil cause I want it to stand out rather than a natural look, which I’m obsessed! 

It’s crazy that I just created this look in my mind yesterday and I made it reality today and turns out looking  really great. 

It still looks great without the freckles if you don’t dig it as much. But I’m fine with them spread across my cheeks. 

That’s it for today, I hope you find this look inspiring, or maybe recreate your own and tag me on Instagram (@kimstacey_) and can be  #twinning 😀 

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey 

Peace out 


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