Dress It Up 

This is a haul / my favorite dresses at the moment. A few weeks ago I ordered a a couple dresses from an online clothing brand, LilyRosieGirl that I wasn’t familiar with but all of the cute dresses and rompers that they put up were super cute that it would be a waste if I didn’t order some for myself. 

I feel in love with this dress the moment I saw it. It’s this flowy dress with light blue floral patterns. The fabric is super soft and it fits me perfectly! This would be great for a romantic dinner, the beach or on a relaxing vacation. The best part is not only it has slits on the side but it’s backless as well. I think the back is really pretty as well as the halter neck. 

My second order was this romper that is just super duper beautiful! The floral print on it is really nice including the raffles on the side that gives it a very feminine look. The back is the same as the previous dress, they are both tied at the back with a halter neck. The details is just amazing! 

My last order is this flowy baby pink dress that is a little bit on the fancier side. It has a ruffle cut at the bottom that made the dress extra flowy, I think this dress would be perfect for a wedding, a party or even a girls night out. But I decided to wear a white top from Zara underneath for the day time, it could be dress either up or down. To be the fabric is just as important as the style , and it is very silky and comfortable. 

I love all of my recent purchases from LilyRosieGirl, I’m definitely going to be doing some more online shopping on their page because they’ve got so many more cute clothes that I wish I’d order as well. 
Let me know which one are your favorite? And which online clothing store should I shop on next? 

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey 

Overall is Sexy

Overall/ dungarees which ever you prefer are definitely one of my favorite fashion piece to wear. It’s very hippie and cool. It pretty much matter with what you put underneath. You could either be grungy (which a dope band t-shirt) or hippie (a mustard yellow top) or cute (a pink hoodie or pastel tops) or chic ( a white button down shirt) or sexy ( a Calvin Klein sport bras or a lace bralette). I decided to go with a mixture of chic and sexy, I pair this bralette with a cut out at the back, (you could find it anywhere online) underneath the ripped overall from TopShop. Absolutely love this outfit, with a white high-top converse would complete the look. 

I kept it clean with the accessories by wearing a white flower choker, with a white and gold watch from Aeropastle and lastly a bangle wth a K pendent from Claire’s. 

What’s your favorite outfit at the moment?

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey

Books For The Summer 

I love reading just as much as writing, photography and drawing, all of which are my hobbies that I wish could turn into a job that keeps me creative and let my imagination run wild! 
I picked out a couple of books from my collection to share with you. Just a fun light hearted book to read during the summer, if you’re bored of the outdoors and like to spend some alone time in your room by the window and enter another world. 

So to begin with, I can’t start a book recommend without the Harry Potter collection. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should because it will opens up a whole new world for you to explore. I don’t know where to begin but trust me, you’ll be entering a completely different world that you feel it’s too real like you’re living in it. 

Another book that I think is the book that stamps summer on is, “Since You’ve been Gone” by Morgan Matson. It’s a book that starts off from the beginning of the summer till the end of it. There’s really a lot going on, from the summer love, the adventures, the heart breaks, the new friendship. It’s such a great book if you love all those road trips, those crazy adventurous things to do and of course, the best friend’s bond. I love this book to bits and pieces because it’s pretty much the best summer locked in a book. It follows the life of two best friends that got separated but there’s a list of things she needs to accomplish during the summer time. Such a great book definitely a 10 out of 10.  

“Beautiful Broken Things” by Sarah Barnard. Is a little different from what I’ve read so far since I’m very into Young Adults Romance. But this is definitely a breathe of fresh air for me, its pretty much based on a deep connection of friendship. Instead of meeting a handsome young man and falling in love, its about meeting a new friend from a different town whom is broken into pieces and try to covers it up with a smiling face. And the stories goes on about helping each other’s physically and mentally. I love this book because it shows how much affection there is in a friendship bond, just like how it is for a relationship to work as well. Give it a read if you’re finding something a little different to read. 

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” & “P.S I Love You.” by Jenny Han (It’s a sequel), is one of my absolute favorite young adults book. It’s very light hearted and adorable to read. The book touches both on romance, sister love and family warmth. You will grow to love every single one of the character because of the details and connection they have for each other is strong. I would love to have Kitty as my littler sister too! 

I heard the third book is coming soon and I can’t wait!!! 

“All The Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven is probably the saddest book I’ve read. My emotion got all mixed up once I’ve started reading it. This book shows how two broken prices could become one and be together. Theodore Finch has his own family issues and a mental health problem that no one seems to understand. While Violet Markey or Violet ReMarkable (how Theodore calls her), is in the grief from losing her beloved sister. They both are not perfect neither a perfect life but they come together and try to make the best out of the life they are given. It’s a roller coaster ride for me so give it a go and let me know what you think. 

Is there any book that I miss? Let me know in comment down below. I would give it a read and who knows it might be feature in my next book review 😉 

Lots of love,  

Kim Stacey 

Summer Flow 

 This is probably another summer outfit post, but as you might already know, summer is my favorite season of all time, so I guess it will be fair if I dedicate a huge chunk of my blog for it. 

So to begin with, white is never wrong for the summer, I’m obsessed with this shoulders cut-out shirt that you can both dress it causal or formal. I decided to go with causal, by pairing it with this embroidered denim skirt and a pair of my Superstar Adidas shoes. 

I would go to the mall, going on a long beach drive, or just a casual date. It comfy and light, you could definitely breath all day in this. Cause I hate having my clothes being all stuffy and tight especially in the summer when you’ll be drench in sweat after being outside for a couple of hours. 

What is your go-to summer outfits? 

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey 

Lazy Day

I’m pretty sure everybody have one of those days when you just want to snuggle up in bed all day and do nothing. For me, that happens to me very often but sometimes I just take the advantage of it to just have a “me” time also known as a pampering time for myself where you can just apply on a facial sheet mask and get lost in a book that I’m reading, or just pluck my eyebrows and remove those blackheads. Whatever it is, it’s usually the things that I don’t do it everyday. 

I’d usually just get myself into some comfy clothes, this is one of my favorite (matching) hoodie that my boyfriend custom made them for me on our one year anniversary. 

Then of course, get myself a nice warm cup of tea, to accompany me as I flip through those pages of my book (I’m actually quite a bookworm, if you didn’t know that). This is my current favorite green tea that I’ve been chucking on weekly. 

As for skincare, I’d usually don’t wear any makeup if I’m at home lazily, cause why bother? 

I would usually start of with a mud mask, or sheet mask. This is my current favorite by Hydramar Mineral Mud Mask Paraben-Free, then follow up by applying my daily moisturizer by Simply Rich Moisturizer, I swear by this product. It’s just really gentle on my skin while leaving it moisturized all day. 

I would most likely wash my hair as well, then I’ll apply this organic coconut oils on the ends of my hair to keep them healthy and shiny. Let me know if you’d like to see me do a haircare routine it will be more details on the products and stuff I do to my hair to keep them healthy. 

The olive oil that’s made for hair and skin is also really nice for removing away any makeup but also keeping the skin moisturized.

What do you normally do on your lazy/beauty/ pamper / me day? Let me know in the comments down below. 

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey x 

Alien SpaceBuns 

For whatever reason (probably blame it on Tumblr), but I was so inspired to be a little bit more artsy and crazier than usual. I know the festival season is over, however summer is here so it’s the perfect excuse for me to rock this crazy extravagant look. 

Spacebuns is never a no when it comes to being a little bit- out there. This is my first time rocking them and I love it! I think it’s adorable, definitely going to wear this all summer (it’s really great for two-days hair as well).

As for my makeup, I might have went a little teeny tiny bit over board, with those gems and dark freckles that I added. Those colorful gems really ties the whole look together by giving it like a more (alienated) feel to it. As for the freckles, I just dot them with my liquid eyeliner instead of the dark brown pencil cause I want it to stand out rather than a natural look, which I’m obsessed! 

It’s crazy that I just created this look in my mind yesterday and I made it reality today and turns out looking  really great. 

It still looks great without the freckles if you don’t dig it as much. But I’m fine with them spread across my cheeks. 

That’s it for today, I hope you find this look inspiring, or maybe recreate your own and tag me on Instagram (@kimstacey_) and can be  #twinning 😀 

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey 

Peace out 

Denim On Denim

You could never go wrong with denim, it’s pretty much a basic piece that everyone should or might already own. 

I just pair those boyfriend jeans with a crop top from Zara and of course a denim shirt from American Eagle that I just have it wrapped around my waist to give a little of an accent to the look, and to finish off I had a pair of turquoise slip-ons Vans (but wasn’t in the shot). 

It’s just very casual and basics for those lazy days. It’s pretty much a go-to look for me if I’m feeling very casual, especially on the weekends. 

What is/are your go-to look for a causal day? Leave them in the comment down below. 😉 

Lots of Love, Kim Stacey